Glen Rewal Bio

Glen Rewal is a 16 year Hollywood veteran with engineering and operation credits on some of the most acclaimed shows in television. While employed at Paramount Pictures as staff engineering supervisor, Glen worked on many of Paramount’s leading shows including Entertainment Tonight, Hard Copy, Leeza, The Marilu Henner Show, the Emmy award winning Arsenio Hall Show and was engineer in charge for the nationally syndicated show The Party Machine. Glen has also worked on specials such as Backstage at the World Cup which was broadcast world wide from the back lot of Paramount. In addition to working on the productions, Glen was a co-supervisor for the formation of technical facilities for the new UPN network that was to be launched in 94’. Shortly after this, Glen became Senior Field Service for Sony Electronics where he worked with the “Guru’s” of the broadcast industry on the latest digital broadcast equipment at some of the most prestigious facilities in LA including VidFilm, Sony Pictures Studios, NBC Burbank and Modern Video. With a passion for audio as well as video, Glen also worked on the personal digital recording studios for such music greats as Yanni and famed record producer Giorgio Moroder. In his career, Glen has worked in many different capacities for both production and engineering, Audio, Videotape, Camera, Master Control, Engineering and Circuit Design.